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Full Version: BREAKING NEWS: The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism!
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Quote:The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands.
A new integration bill (covering letter and 15-page action plan), which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads: "The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. "
Of the four most progressive countries in Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland) TWO have now officially abandoned "American" multiculturalism. Are you surprised that the Dutch and Danes are no longer in favor of the dream society of American liberals? No more affirmative actions for colored people. No more special subsidies for Muslim immigrants. Everybody will have the same rights and obligations. Doesn't it sound a bit fascist? Can we allow the majority to determine the direction of our societies? Isn't that just pure populism?
Quote:But polls show that a majority of Dutch voters support the government's skepticism about multiculturalism. According to a Maurice de Hond poll published by the center-right newspaper Trouw on June 19, 74 percent of Dutch voters say immigrants should conform to Dutch values. Moreover, 83 percent of those polled support a ban on burqas in public spaces.
This news is not available in the Swedish media. Wonder why...
Hmm... and which country was the most supportive of Apartheid?

Not the greatest surprise ever, although I suppose now they might have trouble sourcing football players from their darker colonies.
i love the line, "no more affirmative action for coloured people"
why not just say "non whites"
i think going the route they're going is like a statement that they no longer tolerate blacks, asians, or arabs.
i always thought in a multicultural society every one had the same rights? (of the people who are residents) and that non residents have to get visas. how hard is that to implement. or are they saying that for all these years they just let anyone who wanted become a resident?
which sounds a little silly.
i know the swedes are scared of islam taking over their culture to an extent they've become a lot more secular. fear and stupidity often go hand in hand.
I smell trouble Sad
then police the ghettos and make sure those who practice dishing out such law are punished.
as for the niqab, if that's the law, enforce it. don't sit there and complain that people are breaking the law.
forced marriage is now illegal in the uk, stupid as it sounds it's a recent law. it doesn't mean all people who practised it in their home country will be expected to leave the uk. it simple means that it a lwa and as such those who break it will be punished and probably lose their visa status or citizenship.
the mainstream politicians are conforming to the people because they were loosing too much votes.Holland ever being a liberal country was always[more or less] a myth,20% got away with a lot in the 60"s,70"s,80's,the dream has been over for a while
i used to visit the dam a lot and found some of their ghettos to be a lot better than many in the uk.
i always found the country in general to be liberal but the last time i ws there was about 10 years ago.
so what, they haven't been enforcing their laws and they've made new ones. that they decide to enforce their laws now shouldn't be a problem except for the law breakers. illegals etc. personally if they did treat immigrants better which is what they sometimes do in the uk. then that should in my opinion be changed. in the uk some councils automatically put white's or blacks or immigrant at the top of housing and benefits list, harrangay was notorious for such practices re black people others for the whites etc. in any society shouldn't all residents be treated equally. and all immigrants be treated equally.
yes,Amsterdam,but don't go to the bible belt,where children are not allowed to play outside on sundays or listen to the radio and they have to go to church 3 times a day,and yes,Leanne,the same people that went to south africa
by the way,i went through one of the big dutch newspapers[volkskrant]just now,no mention at all
been there sj and i have to be honest and say i was oblivious to what was/is going on, it all just looked so picturesque and peaceful.
did the Amish originate from there as well?
don't know,but def.the dutch reformed church among other branches,the same as in s.a.
like kath said. i'd expect a backlash in the media over what they're doing.
the link is fixed and worth reading.
yes disturbing,it amazes me every time again what these politicians get away with,aren't they ashamed of themselves?


"when in Rome" Its a great expression, personally I think multiculturalism is fine but it should not be at the cost of your own culture, the US & UK are a bit different because they are multicultural by design (states and countries merged) but the Netherlands has its own special way of living and they should legislate to keep it that way if they want to.
you're right there,Thingy,a lot of people think there's too much influx and they want to stop it,so that's what should happen i suppose,it's just politicians that turn this way and that which makes it an awfull spectacle to watch,very short sighted
yeah but it's sort of closing the door after the horse has bolted.
for the last 15 year or more holland left the flood gates open and the tide turned back on them.
i do think a country has a right to say no to freeloaders. but as far as ending multiculturalism, it's way too late for that.
the population is already too diverse to do such a thing.
There have been other political structures that, noting an influx of contrasting cultures, have taken measures to make it not so. I believe one was known as "National Socialism"...
and most if not all failed, just look at the usa and spain. germany too.
we have to exist side by side. sometimes doing so is what allows a culture to grow.
there are ver few secular cultures, the inuit is possibly one and the chechin another,
even those are being changed by the modern world,
a new tribe has been discovered in the amazon recently and they won't land the plane or visit them for fear of contaminating their culture
as they did with other tribes. we've all been bastardized over the centuries.
(06-26-2011, 09:10 AM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]yeah but it's sort of closing the door after the horse has bolted.
for the last 15 year or more holland left the flood gates open and the tide turned back on them.
i do think a country has a right to say no to freeloaders. but as far as ending multiculturalism, it's way too late for that.
the population is already too diverse to do such a thing.
absolutely,there's ofcourse nothing wrong with multi culturalism as long as it is done with an open mind from all sides,which is ofcourse not the case

the politicians in holland are changing tack simply because their parties are loosing votes,that's their only motivation

I'd really be interested to know what it is about the Aryan subset that makes him so worth preserving. Put them under the sun and their lovely white skin is instantly turned red and then freckled to hell. Blue eyes are genetically recessive and more prone to macular degeneration and uveal melanoma. As for the Dutch specifically, well... they're not a universally loved culture, let's face it... famous Dutch people today, hmm... Andre Rieu and Robin van Persie Smile
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