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Full Version: Is illegal prostitution an unfair restriction
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Is illegal prostitution an unfair restriction on a persons use of their own body?

Why is it accepted that the government can legislate what a person does with their own body? If someone wants to accept money for sex then surely it's their own prerogative? Similarly for illegal drugs - if someone chooses to take them and accept the consequences why should anyone else be involved in that decision.
i agree and moreover pushing it into illegality works in the hands of human traffickers which must be rated one above paedophilia on the heinous crimes table
I also completely agree.
Anything that is considered to be morally wrong is expected to be legislated by government.
Could not agree more. Really, paying for sex is no worse than going out for McDonalds -- and you're probably less likely to fall ill.

There are serious crimes being committed while the resources are devoted to chasing down hookers or some uni student growing pot under his bed. Legalise, tax, remove the sinister element and get on with actual government.

I don't think prostitution should be illegal. Given problems such as trafficking and the abuse of minors created by it's illegality, legalising it would be a net good for society.

But drugs are a different matter. They're addictive and harmful and taxpayers end up footing the medical costs and the costs of policing the crimes addicts commit to pay for them, none of which would decrease were they legalised. It's not at all inappropriate for the government to prohibit/regulate them on our behalf.
yes,the costs would be greatly reduced,you know what the so called war on drugs costs the taxpayer?if it's leagal,you don't have to commit crimes to get it either,however a lot of people make loads of money keeping drugs illegal,law enforcement,dea[becomes defunct]private prison companies etc.
Bollocks. Alcohol and cigarettes are legal and you can't seriously expect anyone to believe that the social costs they bring are zero.
no,not zero,but try to ban them and see what happens,and what about taxes?
You can't really separate prostitution and drugs at the moment -- the two "vices" are inextricably linked by the kinds of people who run them.

There are provisions for legitimate brothels in most states of Australia, which are run and taxed in exactly the same way as any other business (though they're quite restricted with regards to their location). Unfortunately, the criminal element remains because of the illicit drug trade and the stigma attached to both prostitution and drug use. Obviously there are certain drugs which can't be allowed in any responsible society -- heroin and methamphetamines come to mind immediately -- but there are many presently illegal substances that, with proper education, can be as safe as alcohol (which is to say, not entirely safe but if you're not stupid enough to overindulge or combine it with driving etc, then it's not really a problem). Removing the need to acquire these in a clandestine manner frees up law enforcement resources and allows people to make their own informed choices with minimal risk. And, as srijantje points out, tax goes a long way toward offsetting costs.
You really do have difficulties with analogy, don't you old chap?

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now,now,ladies,this is sd&d
my views;
make it legal. tax it. weekly health checks. let the gov provide the buildings or property to be used and charge a reasonable and fair rent.
make it so pimps get 40 years in prison. make it so sex trafficking is a crime punishable by death. i think the sex trade is different than the drugs trade. for me prostitution should be completely legal, while only part of the drug trade should be so. (but this isn't the drug trade thread Wink )
if a woman wants to sell her body for sex then let her, what she earns would be income and taxable. all prostitutes should be treated as respectable members of the work force. and banging a legal prostitute shouldn't be a crime. there should be a maximum charge so johns don't get ripped off, they hooker and john can haggle within that charge if he or she are ugly etc hehe.
agreed[except on the drugs]
here's an addenda to the original question;
if prostitution was made legal, at what age would someone have to be
in order to ply their trade? for instance, in the uk a woman/girl can have sex without
being prosecuted as long as her partner is 16 or over, the same with men.boys; and the
can get a full time job or trade.
I think the prostitute should be of age, and then the client should be of age to avail of the service.

There are clear advantage of legalizing prostitution. For one, it protects and legitimizes the girls; they can also have cooperatives and decently run (even self-run) brothels instead of being forced to put up with abusive pimps. They won't be raped and killed in back-alleys (and hopefully, a prostitute who cries rape will no longer be laughed out of the police station), and its pimps/slavers who get stuck with the danger and stigma borne from their illegal activities. Legalizing it would be a great protection to public health as well; the red light industry could closely coordinate with public health institutions to minimize STD outbreaks in the populace.
yes on everything but what should the 'of age" be. what ever the legal limit for sex is in each country?
should their be a flat charge for each offer or position. what recourse does the unsatisfied (no pun intended) punter have where the
service was bad. what i'm asking i suppose is how would or should it be regulated?
I guess legal age for each individual country should work.

I have no idea on what to charge for what service LOL Big Grin. As for unsatisfied customers? I think same as with any establishment, they either make sure they provide decent service or else they get a bad reputation and lose business.
We have a couple of legal brothels locally -- the workers (male and female) are registered, under very strict medical care, have excellent security and are discreetly located in industrial estates so no wowsers can whinge about being able to see rude things from their windows. Although the age of consent is 16 in Queensland (although it's 18 for anal sex, go figure), all brothel staff have to be over 18. They have tax file numbers, get regular wages (plus a commission, I expect) and the industry regulates itself fairly well. I don't know about recourse to fair trading if the customer is unsatisfied... I'm sure they can try it, but their wives most likely open all their mail...

There are a LOT of illegal brothels and nasty sorts out there exploiting girls though, especially the Asian girls who speak very little English and come here to work and send money back to their families. The Yakuza and Triad are always involved, as are the bikie gangs. Getting rid of these mongrels has to be the biggest argument for legalising prostitution. Bring it out into the open, keep the workers safe and get a good bit of tax money into the bargain, couldn't be simpler really.

After all, prostitution is no less moral than being a banker.
yeah, we have the same problem in the uk. they start em young and take their passports. and they make them work in catastrophic conditions. i can't understand how a guy would actually want to do his stuff in some of the places they show on the news etc.
if a pimp gets caught what does he get, i think it should be twenty years, it is slavery isn't it, at its worst. i found it funny that you have to be two years older to take it up the ass Hysterical "hey bruce, could you slip it up me arse" "fuck off Sheila, you're only 17"

if they made a concerted effort i'm sure they could make it into a viable tax paying industry. most men would i'm sure a nice clean medic certified establishment to some back street shithole,