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Full Version: Autopen used to sign law
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There was apparently something of a kerfuffle, when, being stuck in the G8 summit, President Obama chose to sign the Patriot Act extension using an autopen machine. It brought one congressman to question its validity and constitutionality


Personally I think its much ado about nothing. Take note that this is a thread about the use of autopen, not about the Patriot Act itself.


there was something in the BBC news last week about emails getting responded to by the government, the replies were being auto signed by fake people that were just randomly generated, some minister rang up to question the reply and asked to talk to the author and was told the author wasn't real

OK, that's a case of the device not being used for its intended purpose. But I see what you mean about not really knowing definitively who's signing.. though the same can be said about handwritten forgeries, but this makes it "official" even without the person's direct hand. That said, any documentation process that will have Obama's name on it will be under much scrutiny, more than an email... far as I know they went through a lot of hoops to certify the officialness of the autopenning (i.e., it was signed with Obama's full and knowing intention)
it would have been publicly witnessed as well.