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Full Version: Nanotechnology
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i used the tem nano bots in the sewer and thought it might make for good discussion.
what will they eventually be able to do. been reading about it and some of the stuff is already pretty incredible. that said it still looks like it'll be while before they're used to build organ parts inside a body or such. still it's interesting. i love the idea of a fold up pc screen

Quote:Bendable laptops, impenetrable armour: YOU ARE sitting in a park looking at your flat screen tablet computer when you decide to go for something to eat. You roll up your flexible computer, stuff it in your back pocket and head for the deli.

Bendable electronics of this kind may soon become possible, given advances in blending plastics and nanotech particles, from work underway at Tyndall National Institute.
attacking tumors that way is interesting,building whole cities with self replicating nano bots as mentioned in Neal Stephenson's book,the daimond age.
the bad side would be generating them for use in the field of war. flesh eating bots or bots that cut the optic nerve.

i like the idea of using them to repair hearts and lungs etc. will there ever be a time when they can repair the human brain?
They could be used like we use certain bacteria nowadays, as anti-pollutants to reduce the toxicity of certain specific environments.

It's true that they could be frightening when used for war. But the medical advances they would bring would be incredible. They could, for example, double up as an extra immune system for patients whose immune system is weakened by sickness. They could make little repairs to the gradual degradation/ wear and tear of the body (blurring eyes, weakening bones, etc) and give humans extra longevity and quality of life. The sky's the limit. But like anything, it of course has its dangerous applications.
will they become popular?
will they only be for the rich?
depends where,in england it'll go on NHS,you might have to wait a while before it gets administered thoughHysterical