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Full Version: Favorite Television Show(s)?
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What is your favorite TV Show(s)? Feel free to list them.

South Park
Family Guy
The Office


Stargate, all three of them.Smile


I loved the X-Files and have the series on DVD.
x files when it first came out.

csi miami
loved star trek series (all)
the office, english version.
red dwarf


I used to love Cannon.Smile

. . . .

With that lovely mono toned hi pitch shrill that drills your brain.
OK for real;
any of the Sci Fi series starting with the word Star.
Red dwarf.
Dr who.
The Universe
Ugly Betty
Queer as Folk
and to pay homage to my Lesbians The L Word.

Thats all I can think of for now
some of the dr who series

the early X files
bonanza (when i was a kid) Tongue
blake seven when i ws a kid. now i hate it

firefly. wish they'd have done another series.


Definitly "How I met your mum" Smile.