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It's amazing how they're still trying for plausible deniability (a "drilling industry advocacy group"? haha Big Grin) in the face of such strong evidence... when there's property and possibly lives at stake. The proper response should be something like "The study showed that there's a strong likelihood that there's a problem. We'll look for it and fix it."
no,they'll be throwing money at politicians in order to keep on drilling,haliburton is big on this fracking,well,we know their political connections
it will be probably be put down to natural elements in the ground and the report will be ignored
the lobbyist have made not only americans cynical but the world.
no wonder when you get older you get more cynical ,confronted with this stuff all the time
i think thats what they bank on in the end, that we'll be cynical but just look on it
as another story to ignore. look at bp in the gulf, apart from hearing bp are suing
a couple of companies to make up for what they lost they're dead to the media. the
spill and all the ecological probs are dead to all but the local media of the area.
an odd story pops up as to how little they've paid out in damages from the so called 20 billion but that's it,. nada nothing it's forgotton about, same with bush and the economy, same with clinton and the economy. no one really cares and thats what they bank on when the shit hits the fan.
that's exactly right,1 day full in the limelight,next day completely gone.business as usual


The world is going mad...
yes,anything for a quick buck ,and these are the little guys,note that they grow separate food for their own consumption.
using the stuff makes the watermelons misshaped, personally i don't buy wobbly looking melons hehe.
it like the meat industry, you buy a frozen chicken and 20% of it can be frozen water which they inject into the muscle of the chicken Angry
Tipical middleman trick,buy chickens,inject them with water and sell them again,hey presto 20% profit
Or the classic trick of just using rigged scales.

I have to admit the Chinese win points on flair and originality.