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Full Version: What are you listening to
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My fav., by this band.
i love that little fucker,but not at 7 in the morning

Mike Oldfield----Omma Dawn
at present silence.

i'm waiting for my lunch.

in a while i'll put on some motown maybe.
i actually like bad romance by gaga :p.

i've just put on the theme tune to the original casino royale with david niven.
the tune just sticks in my head now lmao.

here listen to the words, and the trumpet (i think)

heres an instrumental version



Nothing right now...

Usually i like listening to Regina Spektor Tongue

For bands, I like me some old school stuff, like The Kinks

And basically a lot of stuff that's nice to hop around to (don't know how to put a youtube link, oh well Tongue)

billy just showed me Blush

the kinks around the dial.

. . . .

The weazing of my fat cat snoring while belly up looking like a beached whale..
the host,the ghost,the most holy-o

captain beefheart


Was listening to Bob Marley.

Best thing after a party! Big Grin
the news.
bbc world news to be specific.
this thred has made me put on some soul music.

mmmit's private number by william bell and judy clay.

The illustrious Solefald! One of the most talented Avant Garde bands out there! A very moving, poetic piece.


can't sleep so i'm typing to the sound of the fan and the air con.


Baba O'Reily - The Who. Great song imo Smile
Just listening to the TV in the background Smile
podcast,RADIO ETIOPIA,from lisboa,portugal,great podcast,highly recommended


King Crimson


May be a prospective poet?


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