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Full Version: Baby saved from fall by tourist
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A 16-month old baby in Florida was saved by a British tourist who caught the child as it fell four stories from a hotel balcony. The baby was miraculously unharmed.

Holy crap that was a stroke of good luck. I applaud that tourist's presence of mind.
i know of instances where a baby was thrown from a burning building
from quite a hight but yeah, make one believe in serendipity a little bit.
i think it was more instinct than presence of mind. specially if he saw it was a child
which i'm sure he did. it was certainly one lucky kid.
The person was a she Smile

I've never heard of those accounts, but given that then you're right, it's not unusual that the baby would come out unscathed... he's just EXTREMELY lucky that there was someone at the bottom who noticed him and was ready to catch.
i think it's often the case that a stranger saves the day in many similar cases. life really does seem stranger than fiction.