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Full Version: THE wedding?
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while i know it's pretty important for the uk, why is so important for the rest of the world, why is everyone clamouring to see it, it will probably be the most viewed item ever on the tv. why?
personally i can't see why,. the pageantry is okay we get a chance to parade our royals etc but is that it? is it worth watching, seeing to people we'll never meet or know get married i saw two american woman who flew to england and were looking for the best vantage point for god sake. people are travelling from all over the world to see to oiks get married and i can't work out why? is it that they want to be part of the moment, to say "i was there"
they could save themselves money and just lie about it, go to the Caribbean and say they went to london etc. i just can't see why the fuss is so so great.


I dont know why, but for some reason all the royals have to do is breed/marry/die and the crown lasts another few decades, bet the republicans just hate it.
You've hit it spot-on I guess... it's a spectacle, and there are lots of people who love spectacles. People are having fun speculating about the dress, who the guests are, blah, blah, blah. It's the closest thing to a fantasy wedding people will see, with a real prince and everything. And for England and its colonies, I suppose the event would be considered historic as well.

... that's just from observation though. Personally I'm not that interested in seeing the wedding, and I'm sure mostly it's gonna drag LOL. They wanna get married, more power to them, but its not vitally important that we all tune in.
media hype is all it is,fill a few programs,show the ads


Actually I was kinda gutted there was no big fuck up, or anything. Just for a laugh...

But I suppose they do deserve their own happiness. But I wouldn't call that a happy event. More nerve-wrecking than anything else.
one guy has done a copy of dress for others to get married in and is charging a 1000 pounds for it, which isn't that expensive really, my daughters dress cost 700 pounds and the veil 300. that said, my daughters was a better dress Smile
this guy is probably gonna make a few pounds
which will be taxed and go to the poor Wink

seriously, i wonder how many dresses he'll sell.
china are making commemorative stuff by the boat load. it would be good to know
how much cash was actually generated by the wedding.
They've made copies of the ring as well. This entire wedding has been merchandised like mad, which I guess is the point.

They were even selling William-and-Kate condoms LOL Big Grin I guess the royal family doesn't mind.
a royal romp.

when the the other monarchs we've had were married we had souvenirs the as well
but the souvenir business seems to have evolved into a world wide money making scam.

why would anyone use a william and kate condom Sad

have these condoms actually been used by them Sad
Well it's because, um...

... I got nothing Big Grin