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Full Version: favourite era for clothes
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or favourite style of clothes.

for me the old gangsters new how to dress. i'd have to say
the early thirties to the late 40's
[Image: scsQw.jpg]
you're a true outdoors-man sj.
i hate heavy or tight fitting clothes.

white flannels were perfect, saw them for the first time in the original film of the great gatsby.
no,absolutely,it depends where you are,i wear these flax pants when i go to delhi,they're great,up in the mountains i'll go as crazy horse
miniskirts era wasn't bad either
in summer in the uk
one doesn't worry about the fashion. t'shirts are the name of the day.

that said seamed stockings and pencil skirts were special. as were some of the minis.

when it's cold sj you have to wrap up but when it's nice and cool (not cold) cotton or linen
what are some of the women.s thoughts?
Does the victorian era count? Smile

If not, 30's and 50's were pretty nice.
any era does.

i enjoyed the tight bodices on victorian women but not the male attire
i'm not sure thats true

we already have a market for such clothes and i'm sure the goths etc would disagree with you.
that said i think the laced ones are not really that prevalent. the zipperd ones on the other hand are fairly common.
what proportion of women don't have a sexy corset ?
I don't own a corset haha Big Grin. But yes, they are pretty chic still


Hi am new..
depends on my mood
I love jeans and t shirts.my favorite clothing's shops would zara or Urban Outfitters.
so you prefer today's fashion.

addy; a woman without a corset is like bread without butter Wink
i used to be a mod back in the day, two tone suites and all that hehe.
memories are now flooding back
I'm with you Billy. The thirties through to the forties (and also the fifties) are my favourite decade for clothes. I love those sedate old suits and the wide brimmed hats.
(05-05-2011, 05:06 PM)Steven Wrote: [ -> ]I love jeans and t shirts.

Yeah, I suppose there's something to be said about blue jeans and plain white t's... comfortable, and they'll be commonplace for decades to come. For all my talk about hats and dresses, my closet is stuffed with denim pants Big Grin

It's funny how styles change perception over the years. Back when women started wearing pants it was considered lewd and offensive because it outlined the legs and crotch... nowadays you'd have to be near-naked before it raises eyebrows
white t shirts in summer is must for women. come to think of it
a tight t shirt in winter would look good as well. Smile
so we can say this thread is more about style than era now?
i like wide bottomed trousers with a turn up, and a button down shirt.
i do still like two tone material but seldom wear it now. a good pair of mohair trousers
always looks good as does an off white linen suite.