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Full Version: the stupidity of the british police and negative racism
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heres the story for todays daily star (usually referred to as gutter press but the story is still valid) what are your views?

WHITE people have been banned from applying for some jobs in the Metropolitan Police and the civil service.

The posts are advertised as internships “that could change your life” – but are only available for people from ethnic or minority backgrounds.

The Met’s 12-week Diversity Internship pays six lucky applicants £3,000 to work in a range of departments.

They are not guaranteed jobs at the end of it, but those who get the temporary posts are considered to have a foot in the door if they want to join the police.

But the application form says that only students from specific ethnic groups, including black African, black Asian or Chinese, will be considered.

The Civil Service also has only one central internship programme, and that is specifically for students from ethnic minorities.

Only white candidates whose families are from “under-represented socio-economic backgrounds” are eligible.

MPs and critics slammed the schemes as “damaging”, saying they do far more to create discrimination than stamping it out.

They say they are particularly angry because of the enormous number of graduates from all ethnic backgrounds in Britain who are currently out of work.

Conservative MP Dominic Raab said: “We won’t ever end discrimination by introducing it via the back door.

“That is precisely what positive discrimination like this does.”

Fellow Tory Nadhim Zahawi, added: “These schemes are degrading. Margaret Thatcher didn’t need positive discrimination to become prime minister.”

The Met insists there are other opportunities for white applicants.

A spokesman said: “In the past year we have run 34 work experience placements and more than 150 apprenticeship opportunities.

“Most of these posts are open to people who come from all types of background.”

for me, this crap put racial equality (what little of it there is ) back ten or twenty years, the blacks will feel 2nd class for being singled out and the whites will feel pissed of at not being given a chance. equality should mean just that, equality.
people should get jobs on merit, not on race or creed (apart from a few minor jobs) the police force while all the better for having racial minorities present are now all the worse for using negative racism.


(03-30-2011, 02:08 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]Visible minority applicants are therefore being sought after and cultivated, in an attempt to correct "historic imbalances" in staffing.

that's the theory but to me the equation of minorities in public office mirroring the minorities of the populous seems correct.
same here, though i do believe people should get in on merit, if that were the case
a true proportion of applicants per sector of the public would get in.
thats the Tories for you.

doesn't logic tell us that in areas where most of the population are black or asian they'll be a larger number of blacks or asian wishing to join.
the other problem with reverse discrimination is that it actually discriminates against other minorities. for instance by picking non whites, we don't get greek or middle eastern minorities, and in some areas we have a large minority of those and other white nationalities.