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I was watching an episode of The Culture Show yesterday where comedian Sue Perkins carried around one of those pound and charity shop book carousels filled with popular prose (thrillers, crime novels, romantic fiction etc.) from the last hundred or so years and asked famous authors to pick the one which meant the most to them. So what do you like to read in terms of bestsellers? What would be on your own carousel? And which popular fictions do you hate?
Mine would be filled with crime novels, particularly the "whydunit" kind by writers like Elizabeth George, Ruth Rendell and PD James. They're books which blend the classic countryside murder - closed circle of suspects, labrynthine plots, myriad clues - with strong psychological elements, exploring what lies behind violent death, the excuses a killer makes for his crimes, and the impact his actions have on the world around him.
I also like pulp science fiction by Philip K. Dick and so forth.

I hate James Patterson, whose work is basically illiterate fapping fodder for sick sadists.
i#d be going with heinlen sp, asimoce, moorcock etc.
as well as sven hassle and the guy who wrote shout at the devil and other books about africa. (i can't bother looking up his name, sorry ) thats the bugger; wilber smith.
not sure if any of them had any best sellers but its what i used to enjoy.
I only read science fiction and Hunter.S.Thompson
i don't actually have time to read novels anymore Sad
I read every evening a bit in bed
I'm reading william Gibson at the moment,one of my fave's,highly recommended
(03-30-2011, 11:29 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]Same here.

I have cranked through a lot of books that way.
i bet you have Hysterical

oops sorry i thought we were in the sewer Smile
back on topic

i use to do most of my reading on the bed as well, it's more relaxing than reading
in a chair, i hate reading e,books on the pc. and i could never imagine using a kindle.
i would love to lay my hands on a pad i can read laying in bed,unlimited free download required though
paper book s.f. is hard to come by where i am
what about a kindle. and then get the ebooks off tpb.
personally i hate them. i'm sure you could get one next time you're in mumbai or delhi
what's a kindle?

though the one shown needs a wi fi connection i think
a electronic book, you load an e book in it and read as a book, they're pretty cheap
isn't the catch that you can only read books bought on amazon on it?
what about it vf?
I often read in cafes while waiting for my food.
you can read most e books on a kindle. i think Sad
yeah amzon books Sad

there's also de ja vue though i'll have to check it out.
check out some of these;


not sure what they do or how they work sjSad
i'll check it out,thanks mate