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Heres how it works. For things that Rock you write it in Blue. And for things that Suck you write in Red.

What rocks what sucks? I dunno you tell me!

But post it in here. It must pertain to some aspect of your life or friends life outside of this forum. From simple pleasures to drastic measures. Keep it civil but keep it real.

Remember The Things That Rock and The Things That Suck colors

Lets try to keep it to one Rocks or Sucks "Thing" per post.

Below is mine

THE ROCK AND ROLL SOUND OF NATURES CLAPS OF THUNDER DIRECTLY ABOVE MY HEAD. Some of the claps are so loud I can not here myself type.
AGAIN KAWAMARUMBLE down across the valley. WHAT A TERRIFIC awesomely epic yet simplistic show from our little planet.
I love how it tickles the head of my head and tips of my toes when I point them into the rug. the center of my chest. Things are vibrating in here literally.

3:39PM The music stopped

Now hail is slamming down loud and hard, getting viscous and angry.
Holy Crap the balls are getting bigger. Holy Crap the balls stopped..

Not a single flash of lightening

3:41PM End of line


Wakeing up every morning and smelling the fresh air still rocks my day.
Simple things like that.
the resilience of people. how they can comeback from almost any adversity except death and carry on

Bastards who cut me up when i'm driving, especially bus drivers who think they own the road.
My list is going to be short tonight.
I adore Dalmatian dogs and smoking fine maduro cigars!
I love to smell perfumes.
Smelling good is easy.
It can be from my wonderful collection of perfumes
or simply the earthy smell of sweat or sex!
I like to bite nipples and lips and anyone
who lets me rocks in my book!

I hate anyone abusing those who are dependent on us such
as children, animals or those whose mental capacity isn't equal to our own.
I despise the intentionally ignorant.
Those who refuse to make an attempt to better themselves
because of a deep seated jealousy/fear of failure
or perhaps they just don't care.
That to me is simply incomprehensible!
i wonder oh many clambering emails that post will generate :p

humour, i love to be able to have a good laugh.
family tend to rock my boat.
can't believe i never said WORDS. words not only rock my boat but my world.
the sound of the saxophone and clarinet

bullying though one wouldn't thinks so if they
saw some of what i write.
i love waking up in my tent and looking out over the mountains


I suffered a severly crushed left ancle last spring and had a steel rod and pins installed so i would be able to walk again. It's still frigged up and cause's me alot of pain at times. It sucks.
the sound of my kids voice on the other end of the telephone.

not seeing the grand kids growing up.



. . . .

Knowing Benny is suffering from his crushed ankle

11 days of rain, in a row, non stop.
The snoring sound of Ms Rotundra. (my cat)

Rain in the immediate forecast after 2 days of sunshine


Thought's of skinning your cat

. . . .

The idea of slowly pulling out each and every individual hair on Bennys back one at a time. The entire pelt.

The thought of having to get close enough to do it...

. . . .

The fact someone just raised the bar on my gross-out factor.

The fact that we don't give out rewards for the all time "Things That Suck"
(02-13-2010, 01:06 PM)bob5695 Wrote: [ -> ]the shit a friend of a friend brought from the moroccan mountains in his very own stomach.

the fact that i used my hands on the said shit after the guy popped it out his a-hole.
bob has just risen ten points on my what a great guy he is chartSad

drinking way to much booze at a party and insulting everyone

not remembering the fun of doing it Sad

i never realised this thread was so funny


Knowing that every time I post it pisses Scrufuss off to no end. That and knowing that some day I may get the chance to run over his cat.
imagening the look on scrufuss face when he reads that
knowing i'll never see itBig Grin
knowing that this thread will end up in the sewer

not knowing when this thread will end up in the sewer Tongue


Being perma banned Tongue
being me

being youUndecided
pedicures here are really cheap. about $3 and that's for a home visit for a manicure pedicure and foot bath and massage it's about $9

last time the bastards came i got the works and they gave me a free fungal infection between my fuckin toes.
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