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Full Version: The Numbers Of Love
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I wanted to post this is poetry fun, but my content blocker won’t let me.

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The Numbers Of Love

I’d waited thirty-five years to find
a heart so loving and kind
with enough care and patience to
tie me together in a knot with you.

For thirteen hopeful months we waited
to manifest what our passion created.
Then when we finally got the news
to our shock fortune came in twos!

The next thirty weeks were spent planning.
Working to make our world enchanting
for our two little girls Eloise and Lucy,
hoping none of our ideas would be too goosey.

Then came a little more than thirteen hours of worry,
Doctors and nurses moving about in a hurry,
Followed by a sight that only I could see,
A pair of tiny angry shouting babies!

After sixty three days they let us take them home,
Never again would they be left alone.
Eloise took her throne and Lucy took the couch,
It’s amazing how fast a cute baby can turn into a grouch.

I hope the thirty nine seconds it took to read this went well,
With one look at your face I’m sure I’ll be able to tell.
I love you so much Margaret I don’t know what to do,
I’m so happy we will turn to four what once was a table for two.

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Our babies came home in January after 63 days in NICU.
Congratulations. I am glad to hear your family is doing well. Twins, you are in for it now!
Take care