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Full Version: September Challenge
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Hello everyone.

For the month of September (and possibly beyond) we would like to offer up a challenge to all members. 

The idea is to post a poem from your portfolio that you would like to revisit for critique. 

You can post a poem from a previous NaPM, from LPiA, or anything you may have originally posted outside of the critique forums. 

We all have old poems that we might have improved but never got around to editing. Now is the time.

--- Post poems as new threads in any of the "Basic," "Mild," Intensive," or "Short Form" forums. (Please don't simply "bump" an old thread as the idea is we want to approach older work with fresh eyes)

* Please include (Retro) in the title so we can all keep track of what's what. Your "thread subject" and title should look something like this...

                                                                            The Raven (Retro)

If you feel the need to preface the poem, that's fine, (probably best) but we should try to keep it brief so others go to the poem fresh. Something like this is perfect...

"Posted this during "Pigmas" - thought it might be worth taking a closer look at."


"Originally posted this in "Fun" but it's aged well and I'd like to clean it up a little."

--- Any questions, ask them here. I will attempt to get us started shortly.

Edit: Poems originally posted in a workshop are also welcome, provided they are 1) posted as a new thread and include (Retro) in the thread subject, and 2) are at least 3 months old. 

*** For newish members struggling to find something to fit within the above criteria, considerable leeway will be granted.

As always, a fair give and take of posts and responses is expected.