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Full Version: 420 poetry prompt
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In honor of 420, make a poem about blazing some sweet grass.

(preferable if you make it while high.)
18 years old
went to Amsterdam
- never found the Van Gogh museum
(04-21-2022, 03:09 AM)ambrosial revelation Wrote: [ -> ]18 years old
went to Amsterdam
- never found the Van Gogh museum

hehe, that'll learn ya to smoke before getting to the museum,
smoke while you're inside, so you don't get lost.
To be honest I never looked for the museum, I also missed a Salvador Dali exhibition that was on at the time. I found lots of coffee shops, the hash museum, the sex museum and the Haagen-Dazs shop. If I could go back again I would do it different, but it's not the same Amsterdam now, not as liberal as what it used to be.

Got there and went to the nearest coffee shop, 20 minutes later I was having a conversation with a parrot in a cage. 

Went to the bank to change money and when I walked in it was a massive room with one desk in the middle with someone sitting at it. Despite my feeling that I'd slipped into a Kafkaesque alternative reality I went up to the desk and handed my money over which was put into a container and into tube and shuttled to a different room, a few seconds later another container came back down the same tube with my new Dutch money. Bizarre. 

It took me a week and several close brushes with trams and beautiful women on bikes before I fully grasped the concept of the traffic being on the other side of the road, at which point it was time to go home.

I'm editing it to

- never went to the Van Gogh museum
That bank can only be described as a liminal space, houses look very unnateral without proper furniture or decorations.

I might have to get high in Amsterdam some day, see where it takes me.
The way you describe it makes it Seem like it's more of an experience than a place.