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Full Version: patriot act
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i have noticed that since they couldn't get the act extended the usa is on a terror alert Sad
he must think he can get political gain out of a statement like that,redeculous
some f their shot never ceases to amaze me.

he's probably proposing such a thing because of the mexican boarder situation.
it highlights the immigration problem there.
i think they are on the way of doing themselves[and us]in totally
the latest

(02-11-2011, 04:07 PM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]Well, the Americans could do far worse than putting Donald Trump into the oval office.
i agree, the could all vote for mickey mouse. ;fish;
sarah palin a close second,they could run together
sarah would put a cap in his head lmao.


It appears they're milking the cow for all it's worth..
i have to agree with your palin thoughts vf. all i can see for the world if she and her cohorts got power would be ruin and some far right political upheaval