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Full Version: Maintenance shutdown for an hour
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Will be having a maintenance shutdown sometime in the next few hours, for some long overdue mybb updates. It might take longer than usual but hopefully not too long. Thanks everyone
Thanks, Addy!   Thumbsup big hug Big Grin
I have performed the mybb updates, however I am freaking out because I can't get the Pig's Arse to show up! Beg

The forums definitely still exist, all the threads seem to be safe, but for some reason the "Pig's Arse" category is not visible on the front page. For example, when I try to transfer the forums/threads under the "Sewer" category they show up just fine!

Unfortunately this problem is doing my head in I don't have enough time left today to figure out what the heck is going on, so for now while I havent figured out why the Pig's Arse category wont show up I have to transfer all the Pigs Arse subforums to the Sewer where they can at least be visible to members. Sorry everyone!
Pig's Arse back on Thumbsup
Wow thank you so much!
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