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we've seen what's going on in egypt at the moment
a continuation of happenings in other parts of the middle east and east africa. the question is will it continue. the topic isn't specifically about egyt, tunisia, armenia or anywhere else. its more about the phenomena of civil unrest and protest against ones own government.
will anything be gained or will an even bigger crisis evolve? will the likes of iran face a new barrage of protests etc. who if any are next. the topic is broad so leeway will be given in the discussion, just don't go silly
god knows what is gonna happen next,just look at the irish politics about 20 members stood down from office and resigned also the taoiseach stood down from the leader of government
the vacuum will be filled by people who ultimately will act in their own best interest
but doesn't democracy or what ever name you give a government have to start somewhere. why not "now"
i agree though i think if it escalates it may take less.
at present it's running like a brush fire and picking up momentum, i think all it will take will be one country to come out of it with some kind of freedom for the people that works to lit a tinder box in places like iran etc. i know it's doubtful but it's far from improbable.
i reckon democratie doesn't work either although i wouldn't know what would work better,power tends to always gravitate towards the same people and their interests.
The chinese are getting worried about what's happening in egypt ,that says something to me


(01-31-2011, 08:27 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]i reckon democratie doesn't work either although i wouldn't know what would work better,power tends to always gravitate towards the same people and their interests.
The chinese are getting worried about what's happening in egypt ,that says something to me

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” {Sir W.C}, Why are the Chinese interested in Egypt?
they put censorship on everything that's happening there at the moment,meaning they don't want their own people getting any ideas
excellent vid vf.

of course sj could be right and another like mubarak (sp) may take his place.
it would be good to have reasonable democracy if some of the arab states though if it happens i have a feeling outside forces
from places such as iran would try and bring it down
great find velvet,the moral being,although tigers are stronger and better organized,there are many more rabbits.

give the rabbits half a chance and they will turn into tigers

the soution[understood in the western world]is that you have to throw the rabbits a bone every now and then to keep them "happy"

consume,more,more,better than your neighbour,etc,etc
i'd say jordan will be watching what goes on very closely as well. mubarik said he'll step down but won't leave the country.
of course at this juncture he'd say almost anything. whether of not he means it is a different matter. as for china, i think there has to be a few more countries thinking the same thing.

also Israel will be gearing up for war again in case an anti Israeli contingent claim power.
i think the situation is getting worse. Egypt are now on the verge of civil war if they haven't already
entered it. it seems mubarak supporters are joining in the protests with an aim and causing bloodshed. some say that
the security forces are also joining in dressed as civilians but carrying and using machetes. thinks are looking bleak in the middle east.
it will get worse before it gets better. i hope the Egyptian people get what they're marching for.
the i'd say watch out. because there's nothing as serious as a person who loses
his bread...and ii'm being serious. all those who'll their jobs must number many.
if they all start coming out it could be a full blown civil war
it all depends on the army,if they're forced to start shooting their own mothers they might change side
i would imagine the chinese send in units from the other side of the country to do the tiananmen square thing,in egypt that won't be so easy since most people come from a concentrated area and so do the soldiers i would think
(02-04-2011, 12:35 PM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]I agree.

The Egyptian army won't start a bloodbath, shooting their own people, like the Chinese army did at Tiananmen Square in 1989.
The Egyptian army is far more likely to conduct itself like the Soviet army sent into Moscow did, in the dying days of the USSR, and change side.
i wouldn't be too sure of that. all it would take is some of the egyptian security forces dressed as civilians engaging in violence, once the anti mubarik forces retaliate the army would have to go in and even may have to go in heavy handed. to stop them killing themselves. i don't think it would be that hard to manipulate the masses to violence. the added bonus would be that it would make mubarik look like the goody and the protesters look like bastards.
[Image: ff6910ef17f04a3fa54ff7942.jpg]
yes,in a lot of countries around the globe the main reason to go into politics is to amass wealth
the problem being that average joe will do the same once in power

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