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Full Version: corruption
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corruption in governments,what can be done about it?
it's a hard one sj. large prison sentences for those found guilty.
open accounting for personal finances such as a list of all holdings on entry into government
and a list of the same when leaving.
yes they do that here but it doesn't seem to make much difference since they all do it,from high to low,politicians get into power with zero money,after 2 or 3 years they amassed 10 of millions of dollars
well,i suppose to live in the biggest democracy in the world with a free press,yet i can't imagine a more corrupt place than this one.
i agree it must be an aspect of a greater problem,first of all human greed and not having a thought for the next person to name a few.
for as long as i remember there are big meetings every few years about the eradication of poverty in the world,usually in very posh surroundings,costing millions for security etc.,ditto about environment et all,a couple of years ago the banks and car industry were in trouble and hey,presto,within a few weeks billions of dollars were available to"solve"the problem.[sorry for the somewhat off topic rant]
yes,good idea,another one would be to change banknotes every now and then,so the enormous cash stashes become worthless overnight,but if it's the same people who make those laws are the ones who stash money...........
i wonder how many people lost their money when the euro got introduced
i mean black money,like me going to the bank with 1 million guilders in cash and ask for euros in return

in combination with closing down save heavens that would have taken care of a lot of black money
hey sj. the philippines would give anywhere a run for
their money as far as corruption goes, though i do believe it's getting better.