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Soothsayers say earth is ending (again)
This comes of no interest to me
It’s lies; good things are brought to an end
All else will continue to be.

I’ve lived through enough to notice, it’s slop-
A prophecy packaged for fools
The whirling and turning of earth cannot stop-
(It’s dance is uncannily cruel)
we'll know in a year or so hehe.
good title
I just realized "soothsayer" is kind of a misnomer haha Smile

Great read. I love the perspective it took... reminds me of fun, acerbic limericks.
Good execution of alternate rhyme patterns. addy is right, it is reminiscent of the limerick, with the same attitute.
I absolutely love the last line/ aside! It puts the rest of the poem into a more somber/ fatalistic perspective and contrasts very well with tone of the rest.
Packs quite a relateable/lovable punch. I didn't even notice the rhyming scheme until afterwards, which, by the way is so pleasant to see because an obviously cliche sort of rhyme is just so dull and can cause random acts of violence. Really like this. Smile