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Full Version: what should be fixed first?
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and in what way?

College accessibility?
Copyright laws?
Gay marriage?
Harder drugs?
Health insurance?
Illegal immigrants?
Personal data rights?
Social welfare?
The prison system?
War in Afghanistan?

The above is a list of things that often crop up as something that needs fixing. what would be your top three, four, or five things that should be tackled first by any of the world's governments?. if it's not on the list, just add to it. (to the list)
My top four are based on what I know about, and then arranged in the order they appear on Billy's list.

College accessibility - Scrap tuition fees and fund it by taxing the rich. Close any possible tax loopholes.

Gay marriage - Make it legal. Simple as. If not in churches then government registry offices. What consenting adults do with each other's naughty bits has no effect, positive or negative, on society whatsoever.

Health insurance - All first world countries implement a national health care system, and fund it, once again, by taxing the rich and closing loopholes. Then use the surplus to fund health care systems in poorer countries.

Prostitution - Legalise brothels. Make them proper, legit business monitored by local councils. This would keep it behind closed doors, away from the moral minority's eyes, and reduce the murder rate. Win win.
I assume this is for the US, yes? Different countries have different sets of issues.

My top three picks (I'm still deciding the order) would be:

Health Insurance - healthcare system is terrible for a first world country... people think they can't do better, when in reality insurance companies are making millions of of them

Unemployment - Giving all citizens the means to earn a decent living is vastly important

Corruption - I don't mean taking bribes. I mean fixing a system where elected officials end up being more beholden to corporations and the interests of other rich benefactors, rather than to the constituents who actually elected them. Unfortunately, this may require revamping the whole political system.
anywhere really (you can add too the list)

health care. i think everyone who works contributes a percentage of their wage and the health care should be free for those who can't afford it or are out of work. (i believe in a social conscience )

copyright laws. fix the term ten years or until the owner dies, it's despicable that it's passed on.

marry jew anna. make it legal and tax it.

gay marriage. should be done by the state and made legally binding giving the same rights as the spouse of a hetero couple.

it's pretty close on many of them.
waste disposal
i just added pollution and climate to the list.

i think pollution should be high on any agenda. here in the Philippines it's chronic. lots die from it.
that falls under my waste disposal
Ah, pollution... another biggie. Sad What's worse, it's been deprioritized for far too long because they thought it was just an issue made up by tree-hugging flakes, and 'not important' in the grand scheme of things. Now here we are today, clean air and water dwindling, resources dwindling, and no, we have not yet found any means to immigrate to any other life-supporting off-world environment. Oops.

Yeah, pollution is a big problem locally for many, many reasons. It causes inner-city flooding, it spreads disease, thee bad air leads to lung and heart problems for a good portion of the populace, and it chokes the life out of the natural resources we rely on (especially bodies of water which people use to dump their shit and crap in, then bathe in later)
bugger, i forgot education. (not collage) primary education for everyone.
make sure, specially in the third world that they can all read and write as well as do basic maths.