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Full Version: gun crazy people who kill
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i'm posting this because it came up in the sewer. (i made a mean remark there about which is okay cos it's the sewer) but it made me think;

what makes a 22 year old go out on a killing spree to target a congress woman and anyone around her. why kill the 9 year old? (which is tragically sad) how can the killing of a kid be politically motivated. was her death a mistake by some who doesn't know how to shoot a gun; it seems he got the target he went for so can't we assume he lost it once he started blasting away. i don't know the full story but it seems he had an accomplice. at 22 he must have know his life would be over, is that what he wanted. to die and in doing so make a name for himself? again if that was what he wanted, why run? this thread isn't about gun laws. it's more about psychology. and what we think creates such thoughts or gives such ideas to you men and women that enables them to take so many lives?
Tried to start a new thread before I saw this one LOL.

Everyone heard the news of Arizona Rep Gabrielle Giffords plus a dozen others getting gunned down in front of a grocery store. One of the first things I wondered was why a 22 year old kid with a gun would shoot a congresswoman point blank. That's because as a non-American, I hadn't known about this:

[Image: sarah-palin.png]

In Sarah Palin's "Take Back the 20" campaign back in March, she listed twenty key Democratic representatives to unseat during the elections, one of which was Giffords. The 'catchy' campaign had hugely unfortunate implications. An anti-Gifford event held last June advertised: "Get on Target for Victory in November. Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly."

One can see how this can be misconstrued by a crazy fanatic. Sad

The sad thing is about a year back, Giffords commented directly about the responsibility of tempering inflammatory political rhetoric. (She was being interviewed right after her offices in Arizona were vandalized after health care was approved)

Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
we don't know if the guy even saw or heard palin's rhetoric!

that said, we can't be responsible for some loolar that goes round gunning down people just because they have a grievance or belief in something someone said or did. i too think the tparty a danger but i can't blame them for what some nut job did that may not even relate to palin or the t party. in fact i think he did it because she either didn't answer a question he posed a long time ago or didn't actually get an answer.

have you see how we (you/me/and everyone except bob) speaks in the sewer; but that's different it's just the sewer. what if someone who is unhinged is in there or void (from what i see that's a probability Hysterical ) and we talk to them as you talk to and about dubs. as i've talked to and about dubs. would we be responsible if he went to your house and shot you dead?

certainly not.
people who go out on a shooting spree like that want to commit suicide in a spectacular way in my opinion,the fact they have easy access to guns makes them do it like that instead in a normal way,like jumping in front of a train
The thing is, the political arena is not the sewer. A country's political discussion is for the most part supposed to reflect it's beliefs, ideals, and conscience. Yes, it's normal for things to heat up in passionate debate. But sometimes it goes beyond "bad stuff they say and do in the heat of the moment" and venture into "malicious entendres purposefully and systematically used to brew hatred rather than political action".

That said, the responsibility for the shooting lies squarely on that crazed, lone gunman. But the very fact that the assassination sparked a political shitstorm on both sides and that Palin scrubbed the website and any incriminating tweets means everybody knows how hateful the political climate has become, and whether or not there's any direct correlation, the reminder made them uncomfortable.
as you say addy "the responsibility for the shooting lies squarely on that crazed, lone gunman."

and while yes politicians make nasty remarks and suggestions, even when planned sane people realize that it's usually rhetorical.

the main reason many politicians are pulling such stuff down isn't because they realize they did or said something wrong; its because they don't want to turn the masses against them. they couldn't give a toss if it's hurtful etc. they just want to look good. something else of a similar nature will up in a short while i've no doubt.