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Full Version: Let Me Know if This Image Shows Up on Your Screen
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[Image: tears_in_ranch]
I can’t see it.
I've found that certain parts of this board allow directly linking images and some don't.  This has been the case since (at a guess) some time last year - before that, all or almost all did.  Let me check on the most recent test...

Yes, Miscellaneous does


but a critique thread does not

Doesn't Work

and an old critique thread where images once worked, no longer does

Used to Work

in that last one, I put in a link to the picture which used to be part of the poem, but it will no longer display inline.

Presumably there was a problem with porn or other abuse which resulted in the restrictions... or a change in the BBS server software.

That's how it looks from where I'm sitting, anyway.
i don't think we allow images in the critique forums. we did set up miscellaneous specially for images in poetry. the reason is people were posting shitloads of images.
I've had good luck with the tinypic app.