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Full Version: the hardest thing
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A question; what is the hardest thing to write about? please don't say something like "pin" or "door knob". when i say "thing" i mean 'of the human condition'. love, hate, death, death, living, running, laughing, kissing... you get the idea.

i always found love poems pretty hard to do with any quality. mostly i have to fight not to use cliche like confetti. i also have to watch out for certain words like beautiful and love, the words that sneak their way into what i write when i do a love poem.

what about you lot, what do you hate or dislike writing about or what do you find hard to write about?
I think a whole genre of poetry that dealt with reflections on social conditions is dead, because it’s hard to write about those sorts of things without sounding like a pompous bore.
Nothing really horrifies us any more.
Music, since you ask. I enjoy music, it and poetry have rhythm (and tone?) in common, but for me it's like someone said (approximately), poetizing about music is like dancing about architecture.