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I keep saying, girls, why not? . . . But I keep saying . . . Even though they don't do trick or treating around here any more. If I ever screw up and get a kid, I will take him or her trick or treating. . . . They don't do that, here, any more, . But I will. Hallowe'en isnt goint to die on my watch.

I see a lot of girls who look and talk like Zooey Deschanel. I come in contact with a lot that don't have anything to do with her. . . . But I'm willing to make sacrifices to keep the site alive.
we always took our kids trick or treating. where do you see the lookalikes? can you get them to join and post poetry?
No. I saw a girl today. At a writers' group. She was doing a tea flavor group. And I was at the writers' group. And it was just me and this other quy. And we just sat and stared at the girl who was doing the tea group. And he said, You've written lots of poems about girls who look like her. And I said, Yes, I have. And then I went to the restroom and never came back.

OK, and this is the point. . . . They don't do trick-or-treating here any more. . . . If I ever, god forbid, have a kid, I am going to take him or her trick or treating. Despite the fact that they don't give candy out around here anymore. My kids are going to go trick or treating. I will not deprive them of that. Or me.