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Full Version: The money they make
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them being the movie industry.

it seems avatar to date has taken 1.2 billion dollars. not million, billion.
.2 billion off the all time best titanic. (both films done by the same guy i think) which it will soon overhaul.

so whats happening. how when sales are supposedly falling due to piracy, does a film make so much in such a short space of time? were the people who went to the pictures in their droves a figment of our imagination.

i know i saw avatars first ad on a torrent site. the torrent site advised as it often does to wait for the film and go see it at the cinema. the torrent site always says when a cam comes out...wait for a better one or go and watch it at the pics. it's often the torrent sites or scene sites advice that puts bums on seats.


The industry gets no direct proceeds from torrents. Untill such time as they do, these sites will be activly shut down for what boils down to theft. Does not matter if they put ass in chairs at the theater, they put no cash in their pockets directly.
@ benny;

true which is a shame. all the money they lose going after pirates when they could accept it as an indirect revenue stream.

i agree. i also think if we stopped all piracy, the music and film industry would really suffer, not only would it pay more to advertise their products. many wouldn't bother. lots of people hear the new album on the net before they buy it, or like me hear about films on the net from various file sharing sites before i decide to see it.