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Full Version: Krisanne Hall
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Hold on a second, I'm having some technical, or possibly mental, difficulties. Hold on. This phone won't let me post anything. Hold on.

More than a couple sentences at a time. Hold on. I'll figure it out.

I've seen this woman talk. Over the last few years. And have read her books. Self-published, I think. Things are confusing in the United States right now. The world has been forever. But I can't help but give this person credit as a self-taught historian and general fairplay studier of politics. Her books are OK. But I'd suggest her CSPAN2 and CSPAN3 talks. And most especially her four hour CSPAN2 In Depth interview. . . . And, if you don't know already, CSPAN2's BookTV has been doing a twelve-month

Interview show with fiction writers. None of whom I want to read. But all of them have been very good shows and interesting people worth listening to.
Thanks, I’ll give them a try.