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Full Version: Deaths
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I check Wiki deaths obsessively, because the news only talks about Trump, all the while great figures are slipping away from us. Did you know Art Bell died? A few months back Philip Roth died. It makes me sad. It all reminds me of how sad I felt the day Prince, The Macho Man Randy Savage and Rowdy Roddy Piper died. I know they didn't all die on the same day, but like Janis Joplin said . . . It's all one fuckin day, man . . . And also

John Ashbery, who I never cared for, Ursula Le Guin. A bunch of twenty-something racehorses. Feel free to add your own list to my morbid obsession, and true human sorrow.


You can’t be remembered until you die. For a lot of people, and not just people in third world shitholes, dying is the best thing that ever happened to them... if jfk and mlk weren’t assassinated I don’t think they would be as revered. John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, 2pac.... list goes on and on. Gotta be dead to be a legend.
What's the line in Camus, Shem would know, where he says something about how a man published a book and then killed himself, thinking it would make him immortal, but the book was judged meritless.

I was at a Barnes & Noble in Greensboro when some hot young thing, a college girl working there, said out loud, in a let me have your attention voice, that Philip Roth was dead. I went to my friend's mom's house to use the Internet, because I love me some death, and watched an interview done that day on the BBC with his ex-wife Claire Bloom, and the interviewer said something like, Do you think the young generation of readers today will condemn Roth's writings as the rantings of a sexist white man? And somebody said, that question is irrelevant, the man created art. -- I think he was right.


Yeah, dyings not enough, but it certainly helps...
Kurt Vonnegut wrote some good books that were good before he died.

He even predicted that he might die some day. What a prophet.