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Full Version: Crazy story
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I'm driving my friend to his storage unit, approaching a red light, and some kids are on bicycles in the strip center parking lot on my right, waiting to cross to the gas station on my left.  I come to a stop 3 cars from the light and the kids cross behind my van.  A car turns right at the intersection to pass me and I hear a crunch.  Maybe a crack.  Opening my door, all I see is a mangled bicycle and what looks like an early 90s yellow white Mitsubishi with its' brake lights on.  I jump out to get the license plate, but the kids are still standing and the one without a bike is crying.  Everything is frozen, then another loud crack as a car at the intersection clips another stopped at the turn by the bicycle.  I give the kid my phone to call his mom, he is probably 8 or 9 years old, get the bike out of the street,  pull my car off the road.  My friend is making sure the kid isn't hurt.  A man and woman run to meet us saying they saw it, and that the car that hit him turned into those apartments.  Suddenly the mother is there, my friend tells her what he saw, then she says, 'well what did she look like?' And we all looked at each other.  My friend and I are white, lanky wearing grungy moving clothes, the mom is black and large around, flowing hair, her kids skinny and lighter skinned, the man and woman are like a young yuppie couple, brown skin.  'Was she indian?' The woman in the Mitsubishi had pulled over and got out, she was wearing a head cover but not the face, and she drove off.  I didn't know what to say.  My friend gave her his contact info, the mom got two kids in her car, the young couple left, we drove through the apartments looking for the car.  Then realized we forgot the keys to the storage unit and went back to the house.   Crazy story
I hate the sounds of accidents and the slow motion moments when your in one, to be honest I've read this a couple of times and I'm not quite sure what happened, were you in a van then a car ? Either way it does sound like a crazy day.
A busy intersection froze when a kid's bicycle was run over instead of the kid, and while everyone was in shock, another car was hit in the same intersection. But pretty much nothing happened though it was so intense at the moment all I could think about the rest of the day
I was trying to picture the scene,
but was a bit confused. Glad
everyone is okay!
You wouldn't happen to live in Calgary, would you?
Everyone there is a shitty driver, Canada knows it.
Houston is famous for speeding, 60 usually means 85