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Full Version: openleaks
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will anything good come from it.

at this point i'm not sure, i really do hope that happens.
i have more faith in it than wikileaks, that what i see will have been properly read at the very least. i just hope it sticks to its charter of openness.
and that the media will play their role properly by actually getting any leaks out that need to get out.
the media provide anonymity. and have often not caved in.

you seriously think assange won't turn the latest leaker over should the yanks get him? he'll sing like a canary. this is the best way for me because someone is accountable.

who has leaked to wiki without being caught doing it. this last person will no doubt get caught as well.

as for the media getting the leaks out, you take me out of context. open org have said they'll pass on leaks to the papers to divulge, if a paper decides it doesn't want to it will pass them on to another paper. (more than one. the media will be the interface between open org the leaks and the whistleblower. so in this respect the media will get the leaks out to the public. (try not to twist my words please)
at the same time they should put torrents up so as to be sure the leaks spread as far and wide possible in the shortest time.by the way,what's happening with open leaks?nothing to leak yet?
i've not heard anything. as for the torrents, that was all they ever needed to do.