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i like it
i don't think it really serves a purpose as such mastercard had one of its services down for a few hours. the people who are ddosing wiki seem to be be better at it than 4chan . ddos attacks for me are wrong. what happens when they decide something which is good is something they don't agree with? i have a feeling ddos will be rife come the next presedential elections in the states.
i read somewhere paypal won't send money to wikileaks but if you want to donate to the kukluxclan ,no problem
so paypal does have scruples after all ;p

personally, i don't think someone making a few youtube vids means anyone's fully committed. like i said. most just want to tear walls down and shout in loud voices. most of them don't realize the consequences. i'm still waiting to see any sustainable or serious payback as of yet. so they close a few sites for a few hours. i just hope the repercussions aren't too great a price to pay for all of us.