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Full Version: the Koreans?
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i said a fair while ago that if another major war kicked off it wouldn't be the isreali/palistine/iran conflict.

i always thought the touchpaper of the next war would be lit by N. Korea. i actually thought it would have happened last year but it didn't.

this is a multi question and the answers can have a fair amount of leeway.

should S Korea have retaliated in a stringer fashion?
will N. Korea become even more aggressive after seemingly getting away with it again. will america sending in an aircraft carrier make the situation worse or better. and finally, what will china do in the event of war should the usa side with s. korea?

personally i think it's the third world war waiting to happen.
yes,the south should have retaliated,you can't have somebody kill your civilians and do nothing back,i'd say target the kim residence or something
i think it hard to gauge what china want, and if the cost of backing n korea in a war would be economically worth it.
for one, the west and possibly russia would cease trade with it. with a prospering s korea they would have a market that pays as opposed to a market that has to be supported. with all the new money rolling into the northern side of a unified korea; wouldn't a major share of it flow into china? would china's tourist industry boom along the new border as well?

apparently they did retaliate sj, just not very strongly.


(11-26-2010, 01:27 PM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]The big problem is, that China remains supportive of North Korea.
China doesn't really like the stalinist communist regime in North Korea any more.
But China fear the result of a reunification of the two Koreas, which would likely follow the example of the reunification of the two Germanys, whereby the rich democratic state absorbs the poor communist state.
A reunified Korea would be an economic manufacturing power house, with millions of North Korean labourers able and willing to work for wages that would be quite competitive with the Chinese wages.
China does not want a prosperous manufacturing powerhouse, capable of beating it at its own game, right on its border.

And as long as China backs that horrible North Korean family dynasty regime, the Western nations can't really do anything about it.

That is a very interesting point, I have never thought of it in that way.
If the US and China decide to strongly back up North and south Korea, then hello world war. Personally I don't see it happening but who knows? The world war before was an excellent cure to the US depression so there may be some people out there who won't be averse to the idea Sad

Either way, it looks like North and South Korea will be very close to duking it out themselves Sad


(11-28-2010, 02:38 PM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]But they indicate that per capita annual income back then in South Korea was $18,000, while in China it was $2,000.

And Ireland was 4th in the World. So times have changed. Plus it is per capita. Considering the huge population it is very very hard to make all those people have a medium/high income that would raise the average.

But your point is still very much valid. In fact, one of the best things North Koreans can hope for is a union with the South. It would be a winning position from their current regime.
to revert to violence is a show of weakness in my eyes
i agree sj but i feel that kim wants to go out with the proverbial bang. he
really has nothing to lose. if they go to war with s korea and lose, so what? if they win he'll be more immortal than even he can imagine.
i don't think they'll go to war,he doesn't want to invite a few cruise missiles on the head of his family,it would be all over then,that place will turn on its head soon enough,specially now that china is getting more prosperous by the day


I doubt war will occur. No side at the moment can afford to be wasting troops and resources so easily.

Unless all these little incidents (Israel, Middle East, Kosovo , Georgia , Sudan, Korea etc...) add up to another WW. It is very unlikely but lets hope not.
so he's rattling animal hair about Huh jk (sabre)

i'm not sure nothing will come of it. i think the new s/korean guy will push back at n/korea and they won't take it lying down.

as for it not benifitting anyone.; if the koreas are unified, the west get's rid of one of it's worst threats, the south would basically rule the whole of korea and china won't have to worry about n/korea taking it to the brink once a month and it will have a much larger market that is prepared to do business with lots of new cash to spend.

a war would be good for the whole region.
n.korea a threat?in what way?

Duke Skymocker

(12-06-2010, 04:03 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]n.korea a threat?in what way?

It's generally accepted that they have ballistic missiles that may be able to hit the west coast of the united states, and definitely are capable of hitting hawaii. So not only are they a threat to a long-time US ally (S. Korea), but they are a "legitimate" threat to the united states as well. You can bet that there are a couple US navy missile subs parked in Korean waters right now.
if the shit hits the fan, you can expect a lot of n/korean casualties. and also some s/korean ones but i'd say mainly n/koreans, and the chines won't lift a finger to stop it. they'll complain but that will prob be all.
they're not that stupid,they'll get blown to smithereens if they try,so would anybody else who would use neclear,except the u.s.a.
i'm sure they don't want a cruise missile on their heads,it's pretty easy to paint a bunch like that as retards but that's only propaganda
teh north has lots of bodies and some fire power but it'll be on a loser.
i think if it does kick off it will mean the reunification of korea though.
target the leadership and the place will fall apart


What SK needs to worry about is the damage NK can do before they lose. Remember the nuclear tests?
you're right there,Dan,you can say sk has more to loose than nk
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