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Full Version: events that changed your life forever
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when i was about 9 we used to go to the beach for holidays,so every day i used to walk down with my little bucket and shovel and happily build sandcastles all day,surrounded by people with rolled up pants wading through the surf up to their ankles,when one day all of a sudden this bunch of people hit the beach,guys in jeans,no shirt on,girls with short skirts,bare legged,loose hair,their general behaviour was DIFFERENT,i just watched them all day totally fascinated,bucket and shovel forgotten,later i found out they were ROCKERS,YEAH,one of the first happenings that CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER
have sex for the first time. it was phenomenal,
other than that being a father for the first time. and before that; being born.
the second time was phenominal,the first time i got crabs