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Full Version: Of Trailers and Torture by Lizzie
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Her Nixon-old, single-wide trailer
is an uncomfortable bra of a thing:
its fit pinches like a mean 6th grader. 

Her belongings spill out onto the front porch, 
bared to the elements. She's always adjusting 

the flimsy screen door, the wiring was botched,
and the latch to the shower stall won't stay hooked.
She stretches around others, twists
and contorts herself to fit. Her clothing slips 
off the over-burdened dresser 
like too-loose straps. Knockers 
at the door wonder how she breathes
in there with two growing kids, 
the youngest still nursing. 
She'll snap eventually. 


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Congratulations, Lizzie!! I loved this one when you first posted it, and I'm happy to see it up here. Big Grin well done!
You do so much good work here, Lizzie, congrats!
Definitely one of my favourites, and a great choice of spotlight.
One of the most professional sports easing poems I have read on this site. It really is very well written.
Great choice - one of lizziep's best. She's posted some beautiful work here.
Thank you, Todd, for the spotlight! I couldn't have been more surprised, and it's so perfect that this was my very first submission to the site. Sometimes poems need to rise like leavened bread.

I must share this spotlight with those who have come alongside me here and been steadfast readers/critiquers of my work; I have learned so much since I first joined. Critiquing has helped me immeasurably in being able to evaluate my own work.

I love being here. So, thank you for this honor.
I'm glad we got to spotlight your poem Lizzie. We all slog through a lot that isn't good, even in our own work--perhaps especially in our own work. I'm just glad to have another poem that I can enjoy coming back to and reading multiple times.

Very nice work!