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Full Version: Novelty fast food glasses contaminated with lead
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Apparently they've found lead from novelty glasses that were given away fifty years ago, all the way to the present.

What's annoying is the companies are claiming the glasses were never "made for kids" even though they have popular cartoon/comic/movie characters on them, and of course being fast foods they were aiming for that "family" appeal.

this is really unbelievable,these are defenitely no glasses for kids,i want one Angry


At this point it shouldn't surprise anyone that Chinese products -- especially paints -- sometimes contain toxic metals.
it is well known that we get slowly poisoned by greedy bastards,who runs the FDA?


FDA only regulates food and drugs.
I agree that it's not surprising to see dangerous lead-based paint being used on these cheaply made products. What's shocking was these products went for so long without being properly screened (McDonald's, Burger King, etc are massively high profile companies), even though these glasses are as good as toys... products made specifically to appeal to families and kids.

Quote:So what's holding up the feds? The AP says they must first "decide whether the superhero and Oz glasses are 'children's products' and thus subject to strict lead limits; if the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission staffers conclude the glasses to fall outside that definition, the lead levels would be legal."

to say these glasses aren't primarily targeted at kids is preposterous.
outlets who give, sell, or use these products to sell their own products should be made to do safety checks on
the crap they buy. that lead and cadmium are common in chinese painted products being well known; makes it even more imperative that checks should be made.

I'm not surprized either.
Unfortunately and sadly unless a significantly large numbers of people become ill from drinking from these glasses, or untill word got out nothing would be done ... there's too much profit at stake.
A few years back there was a huge load of sandals sold at walmart (Chinamart) that caused horrible sores on peoples feet.
by the time something is done about it stocks are sold and profit is in the bag
it reminds me of the time japan started out like that and look what happened
thinking about it, we'd be better off keeping the glasses and banning the junk food Big Grin