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Full Version: cougars, male and female.
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For centuries, it has been quite normal for men to date younger women, as long as the girl is above 18 yrs the relationship is not considered as a taboo no matter what the age difference is. Recently the trend had been transforming and now younger men are dating older women (cougars). or at least the trend is more prominent.

would there be an age gap with a partner you wouldn't consider as workable?
I don't think I would want to be with someone 15 years or more older than me.
While young the age difference probably wouldn't be too much of a concern but as time
passes on the gap mentally and physically widens.
I have a friend who married a man who was nearly 20 years her senior, he recently passed away and the
last 10 or so years of their relationship her husband looked and seemed more like her aged father.
at 18 i lived with a 34 year old for a while, mmmmmmm hehe

i was more about short tern relationships. sorry for not saying.

for a young man, an older woman can teach him many skills Wink

and there are some hot older women out there. the woman would prob say the same about some older men.