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who is he and where is he ?
Wow, haven't done these since my son Erik was little and he's 25 now. Thanks for the enjoyment. I found Waldo right away in all of them except the 2nd and 4th. Can't find it, oh my heart, how will I go on! LOL
ha that robot is hysterical! Where the hell is Waldo? I can't find him in that pic!!!!!!
is waldo one of a kind?

i found in only a couple of pics by the way Sad
was the waldo thing big?
OK, I'm loosing my mind. Yesterday I was Online here. I was in the middle of posting about the joys of looking for Waldo, how I found him in two of these and hadn't done this in 22 years since my boy was little. WHEN I posted someone else had posted a huge skull face robot in the middle of the beach scene with an anti waldo circle slogan on it's arms. WHAT? the h!!!! wher'd it go? it was cool......
crap now it's all back. I'm insane!


Waldo was quite popular when I was a little boy. Provided hours of amusement.
it's post #12 Bianca.

i never heard about waldo till i saw it in a sb thread. i wanna be a waldo Sad
no thanks Sad

[Image: wheresWaldo3.jpg]


(10-20-2010, 04:59 PM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]No one can fool Banana Bob. Smile

[Image: wheres-waldo.jpg]

This one took me 20 seconds after looking for 5 minutes on the previous one.
i just found him after my 12th attempt Angry
Waldo is one sneaky bastard.
if waldo was so big, how come theres only a few waldo pics?
(10-22-2010, 03:28 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]no thanks Sad

[Image: wheresWaldo3.jpg]

This one took me about five seconds. The following one, however, might take me a while...

Can't find Waldo, but I can see dozens of very lonely people.