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Full Version: Neither Rhyme nor Reason
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Emotion doesn't need logic.

Poetry doesn't need to make logical sense.
Each individual word has a 'feel' to it, an atmosphere,
a rhythm in addition to its meaning.

Poems often use a word for those qualities as well as for its meaning;
or they dispense with the meaning altogether;
or they use them in opposition, use them paradoxically.

One of my favorite devices to create/reinforce anxiety
is to use the discomfort caused by ill-fitting,
not-quite-logical word combinations.

Comments, examples... ?
There were times when I felt so pleased to have created some emotional "affect" with words, or words bumping off each other, or ideas in some such roundabout way, in some subtly contrived rhythmic way that I almost stumbled upon, though recognized it during the process and pursued it.  

There was a reason why I loved performance poetry.  You could emote that emotional "affect" that you were after on the page, but you knew in all probability would go unnoticed to the reader of the page.  There's something potentially hypnotic about performance poetry in this way.  You actually speak/intone/enunciate that "affect" (slyly so, I guess), so that people won't miss that affect, even though the effect of it might only be emotionally registered on some more subconscious level.  

It's strange (and I know I'm headed off-base here), but I think people rarely read a poem the way it was intended to be read.  I've read some of my poems live that people have read on the page before and they've said to me that was completely different than what they heard when they read it on the page, had a different effect upon them, yet it was the same combination of words.  

Just babbling...