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Full Version: stranded on a desert island
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you've been shipwrecked/kidnapped or abducted by aliens. then again it could be what ever you wish, the final outcome is; you're to be stranded alone on a deserted desert island with only ONE book, ONE movie, One hand held tool and ONE luxury item, what would they be? Obviously it's a deserted desert island, with the ability to play movies and listen to music and work electric stuff in general. tell why you picked what you did.

it is impossible to escape the island

BOOK; Dune because it's a great piece of escapism

MOVIE; once upon a time in america; it's one of my favourite films and it's long so it would pass a good amount of time each day.

HAND HELD TOOL; large axe, good for making a hut, spear etc etc.

LUXURY ITEM; a small sail boat for fishing
BOOK:How to train yourself to swim the atlantic ocean

MOVIE:escape from alcatraz/nothing is impossible


LUXURY ITEM:A blow up doll/for obvious reasons!!!
i suppose you'll blow it up by mouth Wink
will it be a boy or girl doll?
ha ha a nice red head doll also i could use her for afloat in the water
book: a field/outdoor guide (at least something that could tell me what's edible or isn't)

movie: Haert and Souls (shut up, I liked that movie LOL)

tool: knife

luxury item: a pen /pencil, I guess?
(10-03-2010, 02:44 AM)bob5695 Wrote: [ -> ]book - the bible - 'cause i've never read it and it's almost endless
movie - none
tool - a guitar - to strum a couple of chords every now and then
luxury item - a range rover - to cruise the island and sleep in it
i like the idea of a guitar. never thought about a musical instrument Undecided
and the bible.

addy; a pen/pencil, good choice Big Grin Hysterical why not a laptop Huh

(10-05-2010, 07:44 AM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]Hysterical why not a laptop Huh

Dunno... no internet access lol Big Grin. photoshop would be better but i'd also want a tablet with it, and i can only pick one item
you wouldn't nned internet acces to use word, photoshop and many other apps Wink

as for the tablet. use the sand Angry
Book: At first I would have said something by Anne Sexton, maybe All My Pretty Ones or The Death Notebooks, but, if I'm going to take this seriously, and really imagine what it would be like to be stuck on a desert island, I think I'd choose something which was more upbeat. Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. Pure entertainment, but also well written, with deep romantic undertones, and passages of great beauty. The book also features three short stories: "House of Flowers," "A Diamond Guitar," and "A Christmas Memory," all of which are impossibly good.

Film: Punch-Drunk Love, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (2002); dark, but also lovely and sweet.

Tool: Spear, for hunting fish.

Luxury item: A coal fire.
why a coal fire?

for some reason i'm giggling Big Grin
Well I don't know that much about desert islands, and building a fire sounds hard, so I'd rather have one provided for me.
that makes sense, sorta.

i think i'll change my boat for a ref with freezer compartment.
but sand washes away Sad

(10-06-2010, 11:56 AM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]i think i'll change my boat for a ref with freezer compartment.

Pina coladas! Brilliant Cool