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Full Version: I made a thing
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and would be grateful if anyone could help me make it not suck please.


It's just a baby.  Only one day old, so it doesn't have a lot of words just yet.

just mercedes

Cool! It looks good - you should be proud of it. Go you!
i wrote this on facebook

Quote: home page looks good and seems to be intuitive to use. the colours are a bit harsh on the eyes. if possible use dark text on a lightish background. [black text and off white background are one of the most common.]. if anyone has even a slight eye problem light on light or dark on dark take a lot away from the reading. good luck with it. once you get into it you'll be changing stuff without a thought

if you tell me what you're calling the site i'll put a link up on our index page. after that we'll ban you for spamming Hysterical if you need any help at all with it let me know and i'll get addy to contact you via email or pm, she's pretty handy. i'd do it but your poetry makes me fuckin' jealous and i hate you you hear Big Grin
You're such a fanny  Tongue

I had to pick a template since it's a free site and they hate you changing shit, but I'm still working around what you can and can't do.  I kind of like the white text/dark background but I'm pretty pissed off with the colours on the blog, and a blog is the only way I could think of to add lots of poems.  I could just tell 'em to come and visit the Pig Pen but I've already told 'em that and I reckon they'd get a bit sick of orders.

Plus, who wants a bunch of my mates poking around in here?  Not me.

I'll probably give addy a bell some time since she does pretty things.  Even if she does fuck up from time to time...
addy told me to fuck off but i told her no whipping if she doesn't be your sub Hysterical

what's the site name and what's the url.
I already said that didn't I?

It's very imaginatively entitled "The Poetry of Leanne Hanson" and it's http://hansonleanne.wix.com/poetry
right, i thought it was going to have a real name Big Grin
ll just put a poem up then do it.
"A woman's poetry"?

You're a classy fucker ain't you?
i couldn't spell lesbien Hysterical the blurbs just a stop gap. let me know what you'd like and we'll sort it out.
My other half thinks you should have just tried to spell lesbian and left it at that... he's a bastard too.
that's the problem with template sites....it's never as pretty as you want it to be. I think I've only got 3 poems up on my wordpress one, once I looked at it I almost wish I'd never signed up. Oh well...I wasn't too far off in my imagination in my art I see Wink
The reality is always a little disappointing I'm afraid Mel Smile

I'm just not really sure what to do with the thousands of sad little poems sitting at home in my computer waiting for a date. Thought they might as well get a bit of a window into the outside world.
oh hush you're hot as hell woman.