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Full Version: The Stuxnet computer worm
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Quote: A piece of highly sophisticated malicious software that has infected an unknown number of power plants, pipelines and factories over the past year is the first program designed to cause serious damage in the physical world, security experts are warning.

The Stuxnet computer worm spreads through previously unknown holes in Microsoft's Windows operating system and then looks for a type of software made by Siemens and used to control industrial components, including valves and brakes.

Stuxnet can hide itself, wait for certain conditions and give new orders to the components that reverse what they would normally do, the experts said. The commands are so specific that they appear aimed at an industrial sector, but officials do not know which one or what the affected equipment would do.

it's sad the virus can attack an individual factory or instillation such as irans nuclear plant. which has some people thinking its virus created by a western gov (namely the usa) whatever it is it's a new phase in the make up of an internet virus.

is this the new weapon of warfare or is it just some hacker or is it a viable way of disabling another countries infrastructure? gas, water, electricity, nuke energy ?
Sounds scary and concerning to me ... not too sure I really want to know about this sort of stuff. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

Holy shit. (sorry for the language)

It's indeed a new era in cyberwarfare. At this point it's now entirely possible to create viruses that override and take control of anything from industrial technology (as seen here) and things like military weapons systems. Destroying a country's infrastructure will become a high stakes game of intelligence and infiltration.

Remember that news item with Obama asking for powers for an internet "kill switch"? Looks like governments might also want to look into dipping their hands into microso0ft too to maintain security.

Holy shit.
personally i think the conspiracy theorist who'll say the government has
a hand in creating such a virus could be right. imagine being able to bring china manufacturing base to a virtual standstill. imagine being able to fire a countries nuclear assets on itself.
could it bring an end to conventional wars?
(09-27-2010, 09:17 AM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]imagine being able to fire a countries nuclear assets on itself.

LOL! On the plus side, this might encourage the nuclear superpowers to finally disarm.. for fear that they are in effect pointing a gun at their own heads.
wouldn't that be something. imagine having to go back to pre computer era in order to stay safe. the only uses computers would have would be for personal use.

though if the virus is genuine it could play havoc in a financial system
just as easily as it could in a factory if you think about it.