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Full Version: alternative energy
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Quote:The world's largest offshore wind farm opened Thursday off the British coast, with 100 wind turbines capable of supplying enough electricity for 200,000 homes a year.

The farm, off the coast of Kent in southern England, is part of a major renewable energy initiative spearheaded by the previous British government.

Swedish energy company Vattenfall will operate the farm after having invested around 880 million pounds ($1.38 billion).

now thats what i'm talking about.

if it can be done, and another one is being built around the corner, why isn't it being done more often? surely it can't be cost. wouldn't people want to invest cash into such projects.

i think governments should invest in such farms on behalf of their citizens. in the long term they'll be better dividends than hedge funds many pension funds go into.
I know very little about wind farms. Found this interesting ... ugly, but seems a good solution for producing clean energy.
Will read up about them. Thanks for the mind food billy Smile
(09-24-2010, 04:16 PM)kath3 Wrote: [ -> ]I know very little about wind farms. Found this interesting ... ugly, but seems a good solution for producing clean energy.
Will read up about them. Thanks for the mind food billy Smile
i think they're built far enough away so they can't be seen from the shoreline kath. i would expect wave power to come into the fore pretty soon as well.
at least i hope it would.

i think we need to move comepletely into alternative energery as soon as possible.

they're talking of who owns the arctic now and how they can start drilling there to make money. i really believe we need to be self sufficient on renewable energy in the hope that that won't happen for things such as oil, gas etc. we need all electric cars. and less gas pumps in my opinion.

less biodiesals and more land given over to food.
i would have thought the on off switch would be inside when they decide to manufacture such things.

will it make a that much of a difference to global warming?
personally i don't think so, i think it will help but only in a small way. while i do believe the atmosphere will become cleaner, i think global warming as a whole needs a much bigger effort than clean fuel.

what i really believe, is that with electric travel many many people, especially in the third world will suffer less with respiratory problems. that child and even adults will be able to walk around in the busiest of cities without the need of facing life threatening pollutants on such a scale as they do now. that alone would be worth any extra cost involved. there would be other benifits as well, like cleaner cities etc.
Less poison in the air is always a good thing. It'll bring down our carbon footprint in any case (will things like electric powered or wind powered passenger planes be possible in the near future, perhaps?)

I'm suspicious of the whole "alternative energy is a losing proposition" propaganda. Far as I can figure, the only reason more of the private sector isn't jumping on board is that oil companies know that even if oil reserves are drying up (or because they're drying up) they have a few years yet to bleed people dry.

BTW, personally, I don't think they're very ugly Wink... they're a far sight prettier than a lot of industrial plants we've already built and keep building
and when one of them blows up it doesn't kill an ocean ( thank god they don't build nuke plants at sea :p ) how can they be a losing proposition. the outlay may be large but the returns are said to be way better. no fuel as such to buy. no waste as such to get rid of (hopefully nuclear plants will become defunct if enough alternative energy projects are started)