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Full Version: Why can't they just learn English
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I love the phrase in the article: and "all Stupid broke loose" which also links to more dumb quotes. Here's the article.


Dan Zucker "The motto is on the foreigners trying to take over the country is Chinese. Since there are more than the mexicans go back to Kenya! i don't speak ATHEIST"

at least his OS told him "ferners" was misspelled.

He gets so hilarious after that.  This made my day, thank you Todd!


PS:  I do love the phrase, but I'm sure that isn't "ALL" the stupid.  We have an abundance lately.
Smile I never collected stamps as a child, or was a trainspotter, or cared for star(whatever)... but for some reason I have recently started collecting funny comments from that internet they have nowdays.
The most recent one that had me literally laughing until I felt a bit sick:
[Image: tumblr_njfb89KlnO1rsx0feo1_540.png]
        Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur.