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Full Version: Carrion crows' nuts
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[Image: CarrionCrow.jpg]

Carrion crows are highly intelligent, and are among the most intelligent
of all animals. They have become highly skilled at adapting to urban
environments. In the Japanese city of Sapporo carrion crows have discovered
how to eat nuts that they usually find too hard to tackle. One method is to
drop the nuts from height on to a hard road in the hope of cracking it.
Some nuts are particularly tough, so the crows drop the nuts in front of
cars and buses. That leaves the problem of eating the bits without getting
run over. They've learned to wait by pedestrian crossings and collect the
cracked nuts when the lights turn red. (from Wiki)
Like the rest of us.

I used to have a 60' pignut tree by my, you needed a helmut when the squirrels where up there.

I've seen geese cross a four lane road at the crosswalks.

[Image: geese-crosswalk.jpg]

My bird does impressive impressions.

just mercedes

Seagulls do that here - drop their shelled prey onto the road etc to break them open - poor stunned crabs limp off through the traffic, usually missing a leg or two (they seem to come off easily).
Who was the famous Greek philosopher who died supposedly because an eagle mistook his bald head for a rock, and dropped a turtle on him?

Aeschylus. Tortoise, not turtle though. Smile

Gotta love Dorritos.
man it took me a minute to get the reference

you should check out carrion vultures ^^ that's merc's thing in action.
I missed the chips link, fabulous. I can see the design companies doing bird group tests next.

Yours too, Mark, what fun.
here,one crow pecks a dog in the tail to distract it from its food,crow 2 grabs it and splits