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Full Version: france and the burka.
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it's the first european country to ban the full face covering in public.

i wonder if hoodies are in the same boat.

women caught wearing them get fined 160 euro
and men who force their women to wear one gets fined up tp x thousand ( i can't remember)

we in the west often slag off the middle eastern dress codes on westerners and here we are doing the same thing. supposedly there's 2 thousand (i think) women in france who wear the full burka in public.

i think we're going backwards.

france are also exporting their roma gypsie

some in the eu are comparing france to the nazis. france reply made me chuckle;

we give each roma we deport 300 euros Smile
(09-15-2010, 11:28 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]The French want to make sure their cities don't fill up with women in niqābs and gypsy beggars.
That is not the urban landscape that they want. And they are doing something about it.

France is basically a very welcoming country for immigrants, but the French expect the immigrants to integrate themselves into their society and become french.
With the gypsies and the fundamentalist Muslims, that has not been happening.

France should not be legislating what religious/modesty practices anyone can choose to use.
Don't you think this will cause a huge uprising in many other countries
Muslims notwithstanding?
I mean you are telling people what clothes they may or may not wear in public!
I think they deserve all the fallout they will get from this.

i can see why they may want to see faces at airports etc but in public, who gives a shit.
the law is for public places. banks aren't public places.
sidewalks are public places. parks are public places but banks aren't.

i don't see any harm for a female security guard doing a frisk on them if they have full face burka.

but i don't give a shit what people wear in public clothes wise.


It goes both ways. There was some trouble a few years ago about a cross in a classroom (I'll try and dig up a source).

I think what the french are trying to do is simmer the pan of boiling religious movements in the country, whether that's been done is arguable though...
i think the burka issue along with the roma issue will backfire. it could even affect their currency. wit the burka theres only about 2, 000 or 20, 000 who actually wear one. not a lot when placed against a population the size of france. it's like their cutting off their nose to spite their face.


Wait I was wrong, it was Europe who banned the crucifix and France who wanted it back Blush...
maybe the time is coming when a country bans all religions. i doubt it though.

i pretty much agree with you moobs except on one point. a country, any soverign country does have the right to make laws. for instance, you can't drink in public in most islamic countries. in fact you can't drink booze anywhere.
imn malaysia it against the law to sleep with a non muslim. there was an instance of hotel rooms being raided and muslims being arrested.

while i do decry the law thats going to be implemented. i can't in good conscience say that a sovereign nation has no right to make such a law. that will be up to the eu and the law courts of france to judge should someone appeal.

(09-18-2010, 05:19 PM)mr.moobs Wrote: [ -> ]
billy Wrote:any soverign country does have the right to make laws.
That is a truth with modifications. First off, any democracitcally elected government will have to face the wrath of the voters - imagine france introducing an alcohol ban. That wouldnt last very long. Secondly, all countries in eu are only semi sovereign. There are common laws that any european (except the swizz) governement can be held responsible to:

Roma deportations by France a disgrace, says EU
good points young man and talk is already circulating of taking france to the euro court over the roma expulsions. it may yet also use the courts over the burka though i doubt it.

it does seem that the majority of french agree with the burka and roma rules. (no source).

i'm pretty sure the eu can have no part in a sovereign nations security which i'm sure is an excuse they'll use for the burka. i'm also sure that the eu cannot dictate dress codes for sovereign states either. if they do have a a say i'm sure france will tell them to get fucked and they probably will. losing the french would be a large blow to the euros stability and it would also undermine the powers of the eu. sarcozy needs a platform to stand on and fight the eu would be a prize he'd pay dearly for. the french would/could back any withdrawal from the eu if the eu made any ultimatums.

Point in case: Basic decency and respect for human rights in politics is sooooo 20th century - wake up man! we're ten years into the new millenium. The twin towers didnt go down for nuthin.

i wasn't asleep ? i agree with everything you say. i was just pointing out that france will defend it's actions (in all likelihood) should the eu take it to court.

i think there's a line between the security of a nation and the and the restriction placed upon society. i do agree with scans and shit at points of entry and egress in a country. i don't agree with banning what is for some a traditional way of dressing
i believe that a state shouldn't be obligated to support another nations people.

all they have to do is get together and exchange charges like insurance companies do.

france has 1000 hungarian roms who are claiming state benifit
hungry has 800 french citizens claiming state benifit.
at the end of each month or year France would put in a claim for the difference.
200 amounts of state benifits for a year.

if that doesn't work then stop the free travel policies in the eu. if free travel is allowed then allow it.
i think you have a point vf but a really small one.

it's the fact that roma aren't allowed to join society that often makes them turn to crime to survive. and religious tolerance (including dress code) is one of pillars our so called western society is built upon. or is that any religious group except islam.?

yes i can see that some roma people break the law. so do some whites, and blacks and eskimo people. if they do then deport them by aqll means but don't just deport a whole race.

as for all intent and purpose. europe is supposed to be one country. one without borders to those who live in it. it's a little bit different than them migrating to Canada.
i'd say it's having it's problems. while some ethnic groups may do most of some types of crimes, i'd like to see the crime rates per capita against the usa etc and russia etc. i can't wiki it at present because for some devilish reason i can only open this site and yahoo mail