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Full Version: Could I send my poems to someone to help proof?
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Finished up an idea of a poem today and thought before I post this maybe I should let someone proof read? Personally it has been a long time since I have to opportunity to take a poetry/language class of any type which I feel puts me a step behind alot community members. Does someone want to do me a solid so I can get some basic feedback before I post?
Hey Bunx. I think you could probably post in "Mild" with this preface and get a wide response. I'd be happy to take a look if you want to msg me.

Yeah, just get it the best shape you can and post it. Make sure it is all spelled correctly, no obvious grammatical or punctuational errors. However sure, send it to Paul, I mean you could send it to me, but Paul is much nicer Smile However I think it is a bad idea to try and rank yourself against other members. Having confidence and appreciation for your own work has little to do with it's objective quality. Sometimes a poem we have written which we do not like is well received by those who read it, we are rarely good judges when it comes to our own poetry. Your poem, your choice.

A step behind? We're not in a race, you know Smile

Only ever measure your progress against your own work. It's very important to look around you and see what others are doing, but you're not them. So long as you're learning, evolving and trying to improve, you'll be fine.

Paul is definitely nicer than Dale, but Dale has over a century of experience.
That's well over two centuries you young chickadee, regardless, experience doesn't always transmit into anything of value. In the field of experience you often only strikes iron pyrite...either that or worms Smile  However I think your best choice is Leanne, as there is nothing she doesn't know about poetry, after all, all the articles (of value) about poetry posted on this site were written by her; plus I've never known her to write a bad poem, or even a so-so one. However Paul is nicer Hysterical

I'm afraid I'm not putting my hand up. It's nothing personal -- I've just done it so many times before, know how time consuming it is and find that I have no time to spare for it.

Additionally, I find it remarkably under-appreciated. As an editor, I would be paid around $150 an hour for doing what we do here for free and still so many people complain that we're not giving them enough, or that we're not giving them what they want (i.e. sugar coating and a nice ego stroke). We provide them with a multitude of excellent examples of classic and contemporary poetry, yet they whine about being forced to read and comment in the workshops.

I know that's not you, Bunx. You've been pretty decent Smile

But it's still rather frustrating that assisting people to improve in poetry is viewed by so many as something simple, that we owe them in some way simply because they've allowed us the privilege of reading their ill-conceived and monumentally cliched piles of crap poems.
See, Paul is much nicer.
My vote goes to Paul. I welcome all members to send a couple poems to Paul to proofread. please, don't even consider it a burden
to us to provide you with the wonderful service
of Paul.
Actually, in the last few months I haven't been very active on the site. Writing has been strained and crits almost non-existent. Finally settled in a new house, I'm ready to participate and relieve the guilt of not giving back very much recently. If I was as old as Dale I never would have offered up a slice of what little time I have left. The offer stands, but I think the poems would benefit more (raw or not) from a wider demographic. Please share.
Thanks alot for the feedback guys! I sent my poem to Paul after proofing it myself and reading it out loud multiple times!
Also I think step behind was the wrong word, I agree comparing the components of art it pretty frivolous. Some members have told me to be sure about what I am posting to pick at it with a fine tooth comb. This is my attempt at doing that! Can't wait to share the poem with you guys.
Thanks to Paul again as well for being awesome.