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Full Version: Reputable places to submit your writing
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One of my favourite publications is Drunk Monkeys (yes, mostly for the title) -- they have a high-calibre editing team and support several different genres of art.


Not all of our members are into publishing, but we should probably all be supportive of the independent scene because that's where the actual art happens -- before it's commercialised and processed into beige.  If you know of any other indy publishers, let us know.

just mercedes

Thanks for that Leanne- but there's nowhere to submit poetry on their Submittable page. Also - one poem only at a time? Is that what they mean by 'no multiple submissions'?
Neither there is -- I didn't even notice, and it looks like they haven't either -- here's their main page, and the link to poetry goes straight to the same submission page with no poetry Smile I'll let them know.

The site is well worth looking through as it's a bit of a cultural orgy.
It was 5 poems in one doc, but they're not accepting any poetry now.
ah well, it would be a good place to stick your flash fiction or essays anyway, and poetry subs will open again at some point -- I'd say they've just been flooded with poems in recent times
Go here:

Poets & Writers Literary Magazine List   (There are lots of other lists, but this is a good one.)

If you're compulsive (if you want to be 'published' you must be indefatigably pertinacious) then:

1. Find 20 to 50 pubs that are free and available on the web and that
    DO NOT EVER REQUEST $$ for submissions or contests.

2. READ them (if you're not willing to spend 2 hours a day for 14 days then go fuck yourself).

3. Find a few that have poems you wish you had written.

4. Write some poems you wish you had written.

5. Submit them.

6. While you are waiting 3 to 12 months, repeat steps 1. through 5.

7. When you get accepted (and if you keep trying you will), CELEBRATE!!!

(Step 4. is the most important as you'll get more pleasure out of that
than any of the rest.)

8. After you've done the above and you've proved you're 'good enough':
smile, relax, and just enjoy writing.

Some other lists:
Poetry Society of America
Poetry Mountain

AND, better than all that distraction above, some wonderful poetry:
The Poetry International Foundation

just mercedes

I belong to duotrope and get a weekly update on what subs are wanted, where ...mostly college journals but some funky ezines.

just mercedes

Also belong here - lots of lovely cash prizes http://winningwriters.com/
While both have some useful info, Duotrope wants 5 bucks a month and
Winning Writers has contests that cost $ to enter.

How much should love cost?
Call me old-fashioned, but I do it for free with other people who charge the same.

(That said, I pusue a policy of peaceful coexistence à la Nikita Khrushchev, rather
than the Bolsheviks' concept of world revolution.)
I've found this website a few months back, maybe it'll be useful for some?

(09-24-2014, 07:55 PM)brandontoh Wrote: [ -> ]I've found this website a few months back, maybe it'll be useful for some?
Time to Publish - blog by Nicole Oquendo

Great link!

Nicole Oquendo is doing something akin to the write-a-poem-a-day exercise,
only she's "Sending out a submission a day to literary journals and publishers."

She lists the publications she's submitting to, provides short descriptions, what they accept,
deadlines, etc.  Then, having given you the necessary info, she invites you to submit as well.

Yes, lots of useful info and encouragement to be found there.
I might as well do some submissions, thanks for the links guys.