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Full Version: poem for my father
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My dad is dying from cancer and he keeps talking about a poem he memorized in school. It ts about a man on a train who sees a house, buys it and fixes it up and gives it away.
I know nothing else about it but if anyone knows what it is can you let me know what it is. Thank you
Sorry to hear about your father. You will need a bit more information to locate that poem. See if your father can remember a phrase or even a few key words from the poem. That would help to make an internet search more fruitful. I would seek the help of your local librarian or better yet a college internet librarian. Good luck./Chris Thumbsup
in this instance, google is your friend.
Perhaps your dad may know what book the poem was in -a collection, perhaps? Then Amazon would be your friend. It could well be a poem for children.

I don't suppose your father has kept in touch with school-friends from that age, but if by chance he has, they might well remember more. Good luck, and good wishes at this difficult time.