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Full Version: A note about thumbs
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People who say God doesn't have a sense of humor must not ever look in a mirror. When He created humanity, He gave them abstract knowledge of machines and future planning and stuff. He gave them free will to do anything with.

Then what, of all things? He gave humans these dexterous hands to hold and build things with, and get into trouble. That's a lethal combination. I can picture God in hysterics up in heaven, slapping His palm on the table.
One of my favorite rhymes, by Joe Jackson:

Quote:It grows like a flower or grows like a tumor
Love shows that God has a sense of humor

just mercedes

I love the title of your thread!
Thumbs paradoxically both creative and destructive? Might be the bones of a poem here. Explore!!
They give you something to sit on. Undecided
imagine him putting cocks where our thumbs reside? men would never get laid and women would be all thumbs
That's a lot of cock and bull.